Tarp Overs and Board Ups

When dealing with fire or storm damage, emergency tarp services and board up services are often the most important first steps.  They protect the interior of your home or business from further damage until permanent repairs can be completed.  We’re the area’s fire restoration and water damage restoration experts with certified technicians ready 24/7.

Damage Restoration

After a flood, winter storm, or fire it’s important to properly cover all holes (large and small), openings, and vulnerabilities.  Amateur or non-specialist restoration services can be ineffective, leaving you open to further property damage.  With professional disaster recovery, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything’s safe and secure once more.

  • Emergency roof tarp services. Roof damage after a storm can range from a few shingles blown loose by high winds to major structural damage from a fallen tree.  Likewise, fire can burn through just a spot or two, or major areas.  Regardless, you’ll need a tarp — a flexible waterproof covering.  It’s important that emergency tarp services begin with a careful inspection for structural and water damage.  Then considering the height and angle as well as the risk of unstable structure or continued wind, tarp overs are best left to those with the proper training, experience, and equipment.
  • Emergency board up services. Fire damage and storm damage can also leave you with broken windows or even gaps in exterior walls.  Board ups provide temporary rigid protection against the elements, vandalism, and theft.  They may even be necessary to restore structural integrity.  Professional emergency services should include proper glass removal along with the use of materials and fasteners that cause only superficial damage during installation and removal.

Preventive Measures

Southern California rarely gets hurricane or tornado warnings, but if you have a property with large windows in an exposed location you may want to heed storm and high-wind warnings and use board-up services to prevent damage.  It’s also a good idea to have a roof and attic inspection from time to time.

After a storm or fire boarding-up is itself a preventive measure against water damage and other threats.  Board ups and roof tarp overs only take a few hours whereas it may be several days before repairs can begin, especially during area-wide disaster recovery.  And those repairs may take several days.  With exterior openings secured, repairs can be scheduled to best mesh with other property damage restoration.

Perhaps most importantly insurance policies essentially require these services.  Without proper restoration against further losses insurance claims for secondary damage will almost certainly be denied.

Call Service First!

Our fire damage, storm damage, and water damage restoration technicians are independently certified and receive ongoing training that includes board-up services and roof-tarp services.  These fast-response teams are experienced in all aspects of cleaning, drying, and restoration as well.  We’ll provide all the necessary documentation and work directly with your insurance company for a smother and faster claims process.