What to Expect From the Water Damage Restoration Process

One of the worst problems you can face as a homeowner is water damage. Whether due to flooding after a severe rainstorm, old pipes that have ruptured, or some other mishap, water damage is a serious issue.

When you do experience water damage catastrophes, you’ll need to call a reputable company offering water damage restoration.

The right water damage restoration company will have the right staff, tools, and methods to remedy any water damage issues. It will also have answers if you need to know what is water damage restoration.

Here’s a look at the steps involved in the water damage restoration process.

Assess Issue Requiring Water Damage Restoration

When you hire a company that offers water damage restoration service, the first thing it will do is assess the situation. The workers will need to carefully analyze the area where the damage is and the extent of the damage.

They will use special tools, such as moisture detectors, to figure out what sort of work will be needed to remedy the water damage. You’ll then get an explanation of what needs to be done and a quote for what it will cost.

Get Rid of the Water

Once you give the go-ahead for the company to proceed, the staff will use the appropriate tools to extract the water from your residence. The is important since standing water can cause more damage such as mold.

The staff will use tools such as wet-dry vacuums and submersible pumps. Once the water extraction process is over, the staff will once again assess the affected area to see if any things like flooring need to be removed.

Dry the Affected Area

The next step, after extracting the water, is to dry and dehumidify the affected space. This stage is important because it will get rid of the water left behind after the water extraction stage.

If the affected area is your basement, the staff will dry out things that contain water that wasn’t extracted during the process to extract standing water. It’s critical that the drying and the dehumidifying process is thorough.

There will be no guesswork since the staff will use special equipment to check moisture levels in the affected area. Only when the readings are favorable will the company specializing in fire and water damage proceeds.


Cleanse the Space

As soon as the water has been extracted and the area has been thoroughly dried, the staff will conduct a thorough cleaning. This might involve having to get rid of things that have been damaged beyond repair by the water.

The staff will use different cleaning equipment, agents, and strategies to clean and sanitize the affected area. Your home will be left in pre-water damage condition.

Get in Touch for Water Damage Restoration

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