Attention Commercial Property Owners!

Emergency Response Planning

Did you know that 50% of all small to medium sized businesses that experience a loss due to fire, frozen pipes, flooding or other natural disasters will never reopen. SO?

Wouldn’t it be a great day if you had 20 new customers walk through your agency door and beg you to write them a new policy?  In reality, a normal day probably consists of phone calls from existing customers with questions about their current rate increase.  It’s no secret that in tough economic times maintaining existing insureds is undoubtedly the lifeblood of your business.  But what happens when one of them, a small or medium sized commercial business, has a loss?  What is the chance that insured will continue as your customer?  Can you afford to lose the 50% that never reopen?

The threat of a disaster-related closure is especially great for a majority of small to medium sized businesses.  Quite frankly, many lack the financial resources to be closed for any amount of time.  They also lack the ability to spread their risk across geographic locations and to readily access alternative suppliers.

ServiceFirst Restoration, Inc. wants to help you and your commercial insured’s develop an ESP: Emergency Services Plan.  An ESP will address the unique concerns for their facility and offer them the ability to reopen quickly with little or no business interruption in the unfortunate event of a disaster.

Together, you as the insurance professional, your commercial insured and ServiceFirst Restoration, Inc. will work together to capture valuable information that can protect their facility and ensure the safety of their staff and ours.  Our ESP allows us to go into great detail on the workings and contents of their facility. SO that, in the event they have a fire or a pipe break, the chance of them remaining in business – and also remaining your insured – is increased immeasurably.

For more detailed information on why you and your insured can benefit from an ESP, give us a call at 855-88-FIRST (34778).

Christian Rovsek