Thought of the day! Loafing hurts others, but it hurts you more.

Loafing hurts others, but it hurts you more.

Some people expend far more energy getting out of tasks than they would spend doing the task well. They may think they are fooling the others, but they are only fooling themselves. Company leadership may not know all the details of every task an individual performs, but a good leader knows the results of effort. You can be sure that when plum assignments become available, they won’t be offered to loafers. If you do your job cheerfully and well, not only are you more likely to be recognized and rewarded, but you also learn how to do your job better. As you become more proficient, you become more valuable to your team and company. You also acquire the most valuable of all assets — the confidence that comes from knowing you possess skills that will increase your value to any organization.