Life Made Easy for Overseas Customer :)

To Whom It Concerns,

While being based overseas I had the unfortunate luck to have a serious water leak in my house which resulted in significant mold and water damage.  I was fortunate enough to have an excellent property management agent (Ms. Candice Blair of Niguel Point Properties) who solicited and engaged the servies of the CallsServiceFirst company for the remidiation and restoration work.  My experience with CallServiceFirst (& Niguel Point Properties) has been phenomanal.

The project manager (Mr. Christian Rovsek) has been prompt, professional, and very courteous.  The work was done in a very timely/efficient manner and was excellent quality remediation and restoration work to bring my house back to it’s original condition.  Christian helped guide and manage the whole project and interfaced directly with both my property management agent and the insurance claim agent.  Being overseas and not able to be there directly to oversee and help could have been a very stressful experience,  but from the onset to the completion of the project both Candice and Christian handled everything so well I was able to focus on both my job and and a very serious personal issue as my daughter was undergoing some very serious medical concerns at the same time as well.


Color Match Patch Paint vs. All New Paint

When one of our recent customer’s, Mrs. McKenzie asked us to complete her reconstruction after her daughters house flooded out in Laguna Niguel, CA we where excited as we always are to handle a water loss from start to finish.  We know when we handle everything that we can manage the quality control on the job.  We learned a big lesson on quality control with Mrs. McKenzie and that was to never patch a ceiling, no matter what.  Not even if the customer pleads their case to the fullest extent.

We did this for Mrs. McKenzie, we spot patched the paint because she wanted to save some money ($150 more to paint the whole room ceiling).  We took the paint sample down to Home Depot and they matched the paint as they do for many of our jobs.  The problem with matching paint is that it is never exact and no matter how close it is, it is still going to be off when doing a patch.  But, we offered to do it anyway.