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I don’t typically take the time to write reviews, but everyone needs to know how great this team is. From start to finish, ServiceFirst was the epitome of perfection. They took a very stressful situation and made it very easy to deal with.

I had a slow leak from the second story down into the garage so not only did I not know about it for quite some time, but it had created a large amount of mold. Being in a little beach cottage, the garage is for storage so I rarely go in there. Needless to say, when I discovered the damage I panicked big time. I scrambled to get my insurance involved and, as it turns out, my deductible was massive and my agent wasn’t too helpful so it was basically on me to figure something out. Not only was I thinking about the damage 24-7, but I had no idea how to proceed and what the cost would be. As soon as I called ServiceFirst, Eddie was dispatched ASAP and they even sent a plumber from Swell Plumbing (great guys) over too. Between Eddie and the plumber, they were able to diagnose the issue, break down in detail how to address the issue and get it started ASAP. It was a huge relief to know everything was in capable hands and I could finally sleep soundly knowing the work would be done timely, at a very reasonable cost, and with frequent updates along the way.

I enjoyed working with the entire team (Rafael, Eric, Devin, Eddie, Kevin and Christian), but I have to recognize the efforts of Eddie and Kevin as they were the ones working on the house. Both of them were super professional, hard working, courteous and trustworthy. I have countless examples to back up each characteristic and there’s no question they bring a lot to the operation, both professionally and personally. Overall, Christian (the owner) should be very proud of what he’s built. ServiceFirst absolutely lives up to its name. Service was front and center the entire time, and I can’t recommend this company enough. Hopefully I never again have the need to call, but if I do I know who the first call will be. In the meantime, I’m going to tell everyone I can about ServiceFirst and make sure my family and friends have them in their phone book.  

Steve R. – Laguna Beach, CA



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