Thought of the Day! 07-10-14

Act on your own initiative, but be prepared to assume full responsibility for your acts.

One of the primary differences between those who achieve greatness in their lives and those who manage only to “get by” is that successful people learned early in life that they were responsible for their own actions. No other person can make you successful or keep you from achieving your goals. Taking the initiative means assuming a leadership role, a position that singles you out for praise — and for criticism. The good leader is the one who shares the credit for success with others and assumes full responsibility for failures or temporary setbacks. When you accept responsibility for your actions, you gain the respect of others and are well on the way to creating your own future.


Thought of the Day! 07-09-14

The other fellow’s mistakes are a weak alibi for your own.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.” It’s easy when you are part of a group to “go along to get along,” but when you are able to maintain your own highest standards of integrity — regardless of what others may do — you are destined for greatness. When you have developed a carefully thought out code of personal conduct, you will never have to ask anyone else what the appropriate course of action should be. You will intuitively know.


Thought of the Day! 07-08-14

Friendly cooperation always pays off because this sort of teamwork creates a positive mental attitude, which does not recognize obstacles.

In any organized endeavor, obstacles are going to occur. Sometimes they appear in the form of technical problems; sometimes they are disputes between members of the team over which course is best to follow. If you have set an example of initiative and open communication, you will find that your team has the mental and spiritual resources to overcome these kinds of struggles. A group of people who trust their leader and one another don’t waste energy jockeying for prestige. They know that they will all benefit from a solution, and they are motivated to find it by sharing the knowledge and ideas. From these many parts a skilled leader can create the necessary solution, but only if a spirit of friendliness and honesty prevails.


Thought of the Day! 07-07-14

Be sure about what you want from life and doubly sure of what you have to give in return.

Examine the lives of successful people, and you will find that they have paid a price that is in direct proportion to the amount of success they have earned. Close examination will almost always reveal years of study and preparation before great success is achieved. This principle is consistent in virtually every field of individual achievement — in the arts, medicine, science, or business. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. As you consider your own goals, also consider what you are willing to sacrifice for what you expect to receive. You should be prepared to give generously of your time and talents long before expecting a return on your investment. Many “overnight successes” labored in obscurity for many years before they were finally recognized for their achievements.


Thought of the Day! 07-03-14

Those who create good fellowship among others will never be short of friends.

If you have a friend who goes out of his way to help cement friendships between others, consider yourself fortunate indeed. In today’s frantic, mobile, throwaway society, such individuals are exceedingly rare. With the demands placed upon us by our careers, our families, and the hectic pace of daily life, most of us have little time for ourselves, and even less for our friends. Yet we know that friendship freely given and gratefully received is one of life’s greatest gifts.



11 Self Motivating Tips to Assure your Success

No one can motivate anyone to do anything. All a person can do for another is

provide them with incentives to motivate themselves. Here are eleven very effective
strategies to help you get up and get moving toward actualizing your enormous,
untapped potential.

* Be willing to expand your comfort zone.  It is a myth you have to “Step out of your comfort zone”.  You only need to “enlarge” it! The greatest barrier to achieving your potential is a limited comfort zone. Great things happen when you make friends with your discomfort zone.

* Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Wisdom comes from making mistakes and FAILURE.  It is what you do next, after you fail that determines your steps.

* Don’t indulge in self-limiting thinking. Think empowering, expansive thoughts.
*Choose to be happy. Happy people are easily motivated. Happiness is one of your
birth rights so don’t settle for anything else.

** Commit yourself to joy. C.S. Lewis once said, “Joy is the serious business of
heaven.”Choose to have JOY.  There is a difference between happiness and joy.  Happiness is a feeling.  Joy is a state of being, no matter what your circumstances.  Choose to FEEL happy.  Even better, choose to BE joyful.

* Spend time everyday developing your mind. Reading only 10 pages of a good book per day will give you 3650 pages of insight in a year, equating to 10-12 motivating and inspiring books.  Driving to and from work provides an excellent opportunity to listen to self-improvement CD’s. 15 minutes per day equates to 91 hours of life changing information feeding your mind…something GREAT has to come of that!

* Train yourself to finish what you start. So many of us become scattered as we
try to accomplish a task so, finish one task before you begin another
* Live fully in the present moment. When you live in the past or the future you
aren’t able to make things happen in the present.

* Never quit when you experience a setback or frustration. Success could be just
around the corner.

* Dare to dream big dreams. If there is anything to the law of expectation then we are moving in the direction of our dreams, goals and expectations.
Charles Dubois once said, “We must be prepared, at any moment, to sacrifice who we are for who we are capable of becoming.”




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ServiceFirst Restoration provides 24/7 emergency services for water, sewage, mold and fire damaged properties with full reconstruction.  Whether your concerns involve a residential home, commercial facility or multi-family housing, we are committed to providing quality service in any situation and solve your emergency service and reconstruction needs. Our highly trained staff of IICRC certified water, sewage, mold and fire restoration technicians will use the most state of the art equipment and drying technologies with a restoration focused approach to minimize the cost and time on your project.  We can assist you from initial loss through reconstruction, simplifying the process to help you restore your property and your life.

Our services include:all images_services

  • Water restoration
  • Sewage and mold remediation
  • Fire restoration
  • Full reconstruction
  • Contents restoration and pack-out
  • Board up & tarp over
  • Crawl space cleaning
  • Carpet, tile and grout cleaning
  • Trauma scene clean up
  • Debris removal

Our commitments to you are:

    • Fast Response
    • Clear communication
    • Treated with respect, integrity and genuine compassion
    • Restoration focused approach to save time and money
    • Polite, clean cut with a friendly staff
    • Full documentation of all work performed
    • Clean job site from start to finish

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Thought of the Day! 07-02-14

Isn’t it peculiar that some people are so clever at inventing alibis and so dull at doing the actions necessary that would make alibis useless?

If folks did their tasks with half the effort and creativity they waste in a vain attempt to deceive others, they could achieve great success at anything. It is tempting at times to emulate those who seemingly get by without working very hard, but those who cheat others by not doing what they are compensated to do will eventually pay the price. They will pay with the loss of their most valuable possession: their reputation. The value of a reputation for honesty and integrity is the difference between a life filled with promise and a future of failure.


Thought of the Day! 07-01-14

When you have talked yourself into what you want, stop talking and begin saying it with your actions.

Persuading yourself that you can do something is a strong beginning. Next develop a sound plan and get into action. The longer you delay, the harder it will be to begin. Seldom is a plan perfect. If you have a clear vision of your goal and a plan that is flexible enough to allow you to deal with unexpected obstacles or take advantage of unforeseen opportunities, don’t delay another minute. Just getting into action — even if you do have to make adjustments later — will help focus your mind and channel your energies in the direction of your objective.


LinkedIn for Insurance Agents – Learn how to use LinkedIn to Sell!






LinkedIn  for Insurance Agents – Learn how to use LinkedIn to Sell!

Would You Pay for your next client?

Let’s face it as a Insurance Agent each year you are spending you marketing and advertising dollars on a lot of things that don’t work. Or maybe they are working but the cost of customer procurement is too high and not sustainable. I know you have attended seminars and workshops on Social Media and how important it is, but do you understand how to use it for sales prospecting versus visibility.






Some LinkedIn  questions to ask yourself:

Do you have a LinkedIn  account?

Does your account have a photo?

Do you have a summary of your experience? And is it conversational or in third person?

Based on what you see online would you do business with yourself?

Does your number of connection really reflect the sphere of influence you have?

If you answered NO to any of these questions than this workshop is for you.

If in the past you have been resistant to using social media, this program will show you how easy and fun it can be meanwhile, changing the way you think about LinkedIn  and the way you do business.




The LinkedIn  for the Insurance Agent program includes:

  1. Complete overview and analysis of how you are currently showing up online. Show you how an incomplete profile is hurting you online.
  2. Determine much is your online reputation is worth to you. you will see what others might be basing their decisions simply based on your profile appearance. Complete overview and analysis of how you are currently showing up online. Show you how an incomplete profile is hurting you online.
  3. Two full interactive hours to maximize your profile and leverage your time so you only have to do it right ONCE!
  4. Learn how to generate your own analytics and get known for your expertise. (endorsements) (testimonials)
  5. Practice authentic prospecting within your own network using “Psychographics” Learn techniques on how to learn more about the people already existing in your network.
  6. Discover “new” farming techniques that create real connections rather than a hit or miss cold call.
  7. Learn the magic combinations of key words to help narrow a specific search parameter.
  8. Create a mission statement and a motto that is optimized through search engines.
  9. Recruiting new agents – learn what all the top head hunters are doing and how to find someone before they make a move.
  10. Create an online consistent message
  11. Find out your clients hot buttons and common ground in seconds.
  12. Imagine connecting online before even meeting your client and setting the stage for a great client relationship.
  13. Create your very own email marketing campaigns.
  14. Have a clean database of names that you can export and keep in one place. No more expensive database management programs.
  15. Let people know how much you have invested in your career with specific real estate related education that normally gets overlooked. Traditional education is not the only kind and you will learn how it is important to a prospective client.
  16. Use your LinkedIn  profile as a listing tool.
  17. Take advantage of one of the most highly indexed searches for free and prosper with new clients,
  18. Get in touch with your past clients and establish your very own company of services to refer out to clients.




Other “Niche” areas of interest:

  • Company & Corporation insights:
  • Relocations
  • Military leads

Speaker outline for LinkedIn :

Privacy & Settings:

Add connections:

  • Accept everyone with a photo and ones with no photo with a minimum of connections
  • 1st second and third degree
  • How to see a third degree without paying for premium
  • Some people do not want to be contacted
  • Sending invites: always personal and show you read their profile, if not look up their email. Assume that they will say yes.
  • What do I do after they accept?
  • Message, acknowledge and call. Use the crm notes and reminders as well.
  • Message up to 50 people at a time
  • Tag your groups





  • Top down search key words
  • Tag lines areas of service stand out by a nose
  • Contact info: make it easy for your customers to buy from you
  • Use the word other to add another opportunity to highlight your name or company, face book, you tube etc.


  • Handshake greeting not your resume, taking a face book social approach and making it personal. Your 2 minute commercial, USP, elevator pitch.
  • Use signature line as if signing off on a letter
  • Add link and photos (note it may take 2-3 times for it to go through)


  • Copy and paste the about us section and or services offered, the more content the better the seo and visually aesthetic.
  • Testimonial videos, or written testimonials, photos etc make it look good.
  • Consolidate same jobs to show longer work history in the industry rather than with different companies. List the companies in the body of the experience.
  • List all activities and groups, networking groups, mastermind groups, etc.

Skills & endorsements:

Set yourself to be endorsed for the top ten skills you can have up to 50 however let’s not confuse the community and limit their options as most of these are random clicks by people prompted on LinkedIn . You will find people giving you endorsement and not really thinking about. What’s funny is that this is a great way for you to see how YOU are viewed in the industry not what you think you are great at.

Endorsement game: get on their radar, thank each person with an endorsement back and send a message or phone call acknowledging them for doing that. Not a big deal but a great conversation starter.

Education: all not limited to formal or degrees anything that highlights education relative to your industry is actually better and can be used in a listing appt. all seminars, certificates etc ex: notary, license, etc

Awards: great to have even if not individual use your company accolades and also describe what it is for not presidents club but what it stands for.

Publications: articles

Projects: anything outside of your industry that you may do part time but don’t think you can show people that you have other interests.

Interests: the main hub for the “psycho-graphics” you will have to play with your filters and will depend upon the size of your network.


Following: pick industry leaders that people will recognize and know that you are serious about your business





  • How to search people within a company
  • Create your magic wand clients
  • Connect personally with your farm, past clients,
  • Go through your network these people at one time thought it was worth their time to connect with you. Use it to your advantage, this is a business networking site and most people glance and say ok cool blank connected with me and they move on, I know most of you spend your day looking to make new contacts equals contracts. Lets also go back to our groups and see what we have in common and circle back with them saying blank as long as I’ve know you I didn’t know you did blank… it becomes no longer transactional but also social I want you to be able to want to have these people over to your house for a bbq because they are fun and interesting people not just because they can give you business.

Groups: filter by interest and start discussions

Social media home page: what to look for, what to post, comment like comment like daily.  Activity equals opportunity.

Print out the profiles and create a stack of leads.

Create custom scripts for your top five typical situations: mixers, business cards mobile app.